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Four leaf clover luck necklace Alhambra.


Now you’ve the chance to get this timeless design beauty in solid golid.


You may choose between 8K, 14K and 18K

A Unique Diamond Cross Necklace

One of the unique designs that you cannot find easily on the internet.


This charming necklace decorates a perforated cross with shiny CZ Diamons and with it’s round structure becomes easy to wear on daily basis.


Also we need to remind that you may use it peace of mind thanks to it’s stong and elegant chain.

Elegant, Beautiful and Timeless...

One of the best designs which tells the universal meaning of love is our Open Heart necklace decorated with Diamonds.


Even if you want to steal your loved one’s heart or even if you want  melt her heart with your love this will be the perfect gift for her.


Also this will be a perfect gift for yourself ,that shows to other people how you’re filled with love.


As most of our necklaces, you may match this necklace with a secondary beautiful solitaire necklace.

Why Penndantia Jewelry?

Because we are offering only the best!


We are offering best designs with only best quality materials.


Our all products are made from Silver and Gold .


Also they are all handmade.

You may find our satisfied customers reviews on our Etsy shop and you may place your order piece of mind that knowing you’ll get the best jewelry you ever purchased online!

Also, please do not forget that we always offers the best prices 😉

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